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A long, long time ago and far, far away among the forests, a passion was born.

It grew fast, feeding on tranquility and nature's breeze, and started bearing fruit in the shape of newer and newer ideas.

With every new one, the circle of friends grew, making it easier to draw from the source called the imagination.


In this way a small ‘mountain’ hand manufacture came into being. Surrounded by forests, it created the ideal conditions for growth and development.


Modelled after all that is most beautiful: naturalness, simplicity and joy, which are expressed by the colours and the presentation, the fruits of labour were being created.

Precisely that hard work, done with hands, meticulous, full of enthusiasm and passion, makes its effects stand out from the rest of items available on the market.

Thanks to this, all the hand- sewn creatures are creative, unique, one of a kind, made with care and safe. And when waiting for effects, you must have patience because their creating takes a little more time.


Often along with with pinpricking fingers, falling asleep at the table and dreaming about   forest lands, new ideas come into being, experiments which break the  stereotypes  and monotony of  the stuffed animal world.

By undertaking these challenges, individual dreams also do come true because the unique circle of forest friends and their companions is exceptional like you and thanks to you.


When we add some optimism, a smile on the face and perseverance in the pursuit of  realising dreams, the full image of Lady Stump and her hand-sewn creatures takes shape.


I cordially invite you to my magical world, enjoy it and have as much fun as I have in it!